Meet the Man Behind the Music.

Eduardo Tarilonte is an award winning sample library developer. He is the creator of libraries such as Forest Kingdom, Epic World, Era Medieval Legends, Cantus, Mystica, Shevannai, Desert Winds, etc. Awarded with several 5 stars from Sound on Sound, and many other awards from the most prestigious magazines.

In 2014, “Shevannai, the voice of elves” was awarded with the Gold Medal to the Sample Library of the year by MusicTech magazine. His libraries are used by many top Hollywood composers and featured in many films and tv series, documentaries, etc. He started his career as a composer in 1992 and in 2005 as a sample library developer. Best Service is currently releasing and distributing his libraries.

Read What People Are Saying

The Forest Kingdom library has been an inspiring addition to my palette. The performance legato featured on the solo ethereal voice is programmed remarkably well and I’ve used a variety of the library’s sounds on several of my most recent film scores including Snow White and The Huntsman.

James Newton Howard

Hollywood Film Composer

“For me Cantus is the best Plug-In for Gregorian Choirs ever. The recording quality is superb! I certainly will use Cantus in one of my future productions.”

Michael Cretu

Composer & Producer

“Mystica is a new hit in the collection of sampled voices by Eduardo Tarilonte. A magnificent sound quality, versatility and ease of use, joined by musicality and good taste.”

Alberto Iglesias

Award Winning Composer

News & Updates

Michael Cretu, the creator of ENIGMA, endorses Cantus!

Michael Cretu, one of the worlds famous composers and producers, number one in 24 countries with his ENIGMA project, 17 platinum, 25 gold records and more than 100 million sold records about Cantus: “For me Cantus is the best Plug-In for Gregorian Choirs ever. The... read more