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Celtic Era gets 5-star Review from Sound on Sound!

Celtic Era gets 5-star review from Sound on Sound! Very excited to share that Sound on Sound gave Celtic Era a 5-star review! Checkout their article. "Eduardo Tarilonte’s libraries always guarantee something special and unusual....." continue reading...

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MusicTech awards Choice Award to Celtic ERA

MusicTech awards Choice Award to Celtic ERA Celtic Era got the choice award from MusicTech magazine! MusicTech gives a wonderful review and overview of Celtic Era and awards it a 9/10! Check it out! "MusicTech’s favourite master sound designer Eduardo Tarilonte is...

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Kwaya gets a 5-star review on Sound on Sound Magazine!

Kwaya gets a 5-star review on Sound on Sound! Kwaya received a new, 5-star review from Sound on Sound magazine! "There is something quite magical about the sound of African choral singing. Producer Eduardo Tarilonte, who has an impressive track record when it comes to...

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Vocal Codex Released!

Vocal Codex Released! Eduardo's newest library has become available for purchase. We are so thrilled to share Vocal Codex with you! Featuring two female and two male vocals, Vocal Codex offers four beautifully unique voices to add to your score. Check out the library...

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What the Experts are Saying


“The Forest Kingdom library has been an inspiring addition to my palette. The performance legato featured on the solo ethereal voice is programmed remarkably well and I’ve used a variety of the library’s sounds on several of my most recent film scores including Snow White and The Huntsman.”

James Newton Howard
Hollywood Film Composer

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