Michael Cretu used Cantus and Mystica in his latest Enigma album “The Fall of a Rebel Angel”

Take a look at the latest review from artist Michael Cretu! Also make sure to check out ‘The Fall of a Rebel Angel’ to hear Gregorian Choirs in use.

“Best Service is my number one source for virtual instruments. With Cantus by Eduardo Tarilonte I could, for the first time ever, rely on high-quality virtual Gregorian Choirs, which I also used on my brand-new album ‘The Fall of a Rebel Angel.'”

The Audio Spotlight reviews “Cantus” with 5 stars.

The Audio Spotlight reviews “Cantus” with 5 stars Cantus has been given a five star review from The Audio Spotlight! Price/Value: Cantus will set you back for around 200 Euros and frankly this isn’t that much when you consider the value you are getting....

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